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The Discussion Guide import template is an Excel file that you can use to add your content and seamlessly upload your Guide to the Remesh platform.

  • Column A (Notes) will be for any personal notes. This is not imported into the platform.
  • Column B (Cross Conversation Tag - Polls only) can be used to tag Poll questions that you wish to aggregate across multiple Remesh conversations (e.g. running the same conversation across different markets or audience groups). These tags are labeled as Merge 1, Merge 2, and so on. Tag the first Poll question that you wish to aggregate as "Merge 1" and follow suit in increasing numerical order through the conversation.
  • Column C (Item type) will be where you select the type of item you'd like to send to the group from the dropdown menu.
    • Onboarding Polls are asked before the session actually begins so those won't count towards your session time. These polls can either be single-select (participants can select only one poll option) or multi-select (participants can select as many options as they'd like). These polls can be things like age, gender, tenure, etc. but feel free to create questions that are more specific to your topic as well. The idea here is that these polls questions will provide you the information you need to filter/segment the group. 
    • Speaks are any statement (instructions, pleasantries, feedback, etc.) that the participants do not respond to. Because Remesh is all text-based, Speaks can really help things to feel more conversational and help with the flow of the session by setting context and communicating informally with the group. For example, you can include Speaks such as "Thanks so much for your responses! This is very helpful information. Now I'm going to ask you a few questions about ___." 
    • Ask Opinion questions are open-ended questions to which the participants respond in their own words. Once participants enter their response, they are guided through two voting exercises. The first is a binary vote where they are shown two responses submitted by participants in the group and select the one they agree with more. The second is a singular vote where they are shown one response submitted by a participant in the group and asked whether they agree or disagree with the response. These data points help our machine learning algorithm understand how the group feels about each response. We recommend 2 minutes for these questions, and between 1.5 - 2.5 minutes is generally a good range.
    • Ask Experience questions are also open-ended. However, after the participants respond to the question, they do not go through the voting as they do in the Ask Opinion questions. Instead, you will set up categories. After participants submit their free-text response, they will select which of the categories they feel their response best fits into. Participants can only select from the categories you set up and are not able to type an alternative category. That being said, you can include an "Other" category if you'd like, but participants still will not be able to type in an option if they select "Other." We recommend 1 - 1.5 minutes for these questions. You can also disable the categories so participants would only submit a free-text response but would not categorize their response after they hit submit.
    • Polls can be either single-select or multi-select. We recommend 30 seconds for polls unless there are a large number of poll options to read through. 
    • Image Placeholder and Video Placeholder can be placed within the Excel template to indicate where you'd like to include images and videos within your discussion. Once you upload the Excel template to Remesh, you'll be shown where to attach those images and/or videos.  
  • Column D (Content) is where you actually enter the statement or question.
  • Column E (Duration) is where you enter the timer for the questions. Please select the time from the drop-down menu. Only Ask Opinion, Ask Experience, Poll Single Select, and Poll Multi Select need a time designation.
  • Column G (Randomize poll options for each participant?) is where you can choose to randomize poll options for each participant to eliminate bias
  • Column H (Add "Other" as an option?) is where you can choose to automatically add "Other" as a poll option anchored to the bottom of your entire set of options
  • Column I (Add "None of the above" as an option?) is where you can choose to automatically add "None of the above" as a poll option anchored to the bottom of your entire set of options
  • Columns J-AC (Poll or Category Option) is where you'll enter the poll choices for any Onboarding Poll, Poll Single Select, or Poll Multi-Select. This is also where you'll enter the categories for Ask Experience questions. Note that while the import template only includes room for 20 options, you can add more in the Discussion Guide Builder on the platform.

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