Randomizing Poll Options

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You can now randomize poll options and anchor Other and None of the Above statements.

Randomizing poll options is managed on a per poll basis for both Onboarding Polls and polls sent during a Conversation. Start by adding a new or editing an existing poll question, then navigate to Poll Options, select the Show Settings dropdown, and check the first option, Randomize order for each participant. Once you save the question, a randomize symbol like the one below will appear on the question. 

Randomize Symbol

You can also add Other and None of the Above statements. If the poll is set to randomize, Other and None of the Above will be anchored at the bottom. 

Adding Other as an option does not add a free text field.

You can randomize polls via Build Discussion GuideLive Moderator View, and using the new Discussion Guide Import Template

  1. Build Discussion Guide
  1. Live Moderator View
  1. Discussion Guide Import Template
    We have an updated Discussion Guide template for you to download.
Please note that old versions of the discussion guide will stop working on March 31st, 2021.

Have questions or would like training on this new feature? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email: customersuccess@remesh.ai

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