What if the Conversation runs over?

Robert Schimaneck Updated by Robert Schimaneck

If you happen to go over your scheduled duration, the session will not automatically turn off. The session will stay open for an additional 60-minute grace period or until the Moderator clicks the End button on the top right and confirms to end the Conversation, whichever comes first.

However, if you think you might go over your scheduled duration, we recommend sending a Speak (e.g. 'Thanks for all of your great responses so far! We have a few more questions and might run a minute or two over, so hang in there with me!') towards the end of the Conversation to let participants know to hang on for a few more minutes.

Remember that when you set the duration of your Conversation you are not bound to the exact length of time you selected, but you should try to set realistic time expectations for those participating whenever possible.

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