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One of the most important things you can do on the Remesh platform is to ask interesting, insightful questions. Here are some recommendations to help you ask the best questions possible:

Ask Opinion:

  • Keep Ask Opinions around 2-minutes each
  • Be detailed and clear in each question you ask
  • Ask one succinct question rather than two questions in one. For example, instead of asking 'How would you describe this product design and why would you describe it that way?'. You should ask two separate questions to the group: one for the 'How', one for the 'Why'

Ask Experience:

  • Keep Ask Experiences around 1-minute each
  • Use Ask Experience when you're asking participants to answer with something personal or when the traditional voting exercises may be a little tricky for participants to complete


  • Keep Polls around 30-seconds each. If you have a lot of options to choose from or a multi-select Poll, you may want to increase the question time
  • Polls will work best if a question can be answered as a close-ended answer like 'yes' or 'no'
  • Use a Poll then an Ask if you need to ask two related questions. This way, you can segment the response to the Ask based on how the participants answered the previous Poll

Imagine potential answers in your mind to help judge how effective the question is. Remember that all participants will be asked to respond to each question you send to the group. When asking probing questions, try not to be too pointed or to direct questions to one specific segment of the participants. You want to make sure everyone feels like they can respond to the questions appropriately.

Be detailed and direct in how you ask questions, but try not to dictate how participants should respond. Remember that the participants are humans, so providing lengthy 'instructions' for how to respond to each question may be confusing and lead to lower quality responses.

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