What is a Conversation Topline PowerPoint?

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The Conversation Topline PowerPoint report contains all of the data from the Conversation with each slide representing a single question.

Before exporting the file, you will be prompted to select up to 3 Segments to include in the report. This allows you to see the data segmented on each slide by demographic and behavioral variables like "Gender" or "Age."

For each Ask Opinion question there will be 2 slides. The first slide will show the percentage of agreement that each selected Segment had with the responses shown from the Representative Subset in the first column. The second slide shows the responses submitted by each of the selected Segments that had the highest percentage of agreement within that selected Segment.

For each Ask Experience question there will be 1 slide that shows the categories that the participants could select after they submitted their response and the percentage of responses that fell into each category for your segments.

For each Poll question, the slide shows the breakdown of the answers chosen by each selected Segment.

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