Ask Opinion vs. Ask Experience

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On a Remesh conversation, there are two ways in which you can ask an open ended question, each one of them will serve a different use case:

Ask Opinion

When a participant receives an Ask Opinion, they are first asked to submit their response then they will vote on other participants' responses.

  • Duration: Keep Ask Opinions around 2-minutes each
  • Tips: Ask one succinct question rather than two questions in one. For example, instead of asking 'How would you describe this product design and why would you describe it that way?'. You should ask two separate questions to the group: one for the 'How', one for the 'Why'. Be detailed and clear in each question you ask
  • Usecase: Use Ask Opinion when you are trying to get a sense of the audience opinions on a product or a specific topic that matters to you for example: What do you think of this design? What do you think of the new company's out-of-office policy?

Ask Experience

When a participant receives an Ask Experience, they are first asked to respond to the question then they get to choose a category that fits their response (only if the moderator has added categories to the question)

  • Duration: Keep Ask Experiences around 1-minute each
  • Tips: Use categories if you would like your participants to categorize their responses into different groups. The categorizing exercise is optional and it's a multi-select poll. Adding categories can help you group similar responses and makes for easier analysis.
  • Usecase: Use Ask Experience when you're asking participants to answer with something personal or when the traditional voting exercises may be a little tricky for participants to complete, for example: How do you commute to work? How did you meet your significant other?

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