Conversation Checklist

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Want to make sure your Remesh Conversation is set up properly before the start time? Check the following so you're as prepared as can be:

  • Onboarding Polls: Make sure you've created all of the Onboarding Polls you want participants to answer. Remember that participants will view and fill these out before the session begins!
  • Max. Number of Participants: Check the "Max. Number of Participants" on the Basic Details page is set to an appropriate number. This will set the maximum number of participants you'd like to join the Conversation. Once this number has been reached, other participants will be turned away from the Conversation.
  • Discussion Guide: Confirm your Discussion Guide is programmed to your liking
  • Recruiting Participants: If you are recruiting your own participants to join the Conversation, make sure that you've appropriately distributed the Participant Link on the Audience page, provided context/instructions to the participants, and set expectations for when you'd like participants to join and what they will need to do during the Conversation. If you are not recruiting your own participants, you can ignore this step!

Once your Remesh Conversation has been finalized according to the above steps, you must click Publish on the top right of the set-up page. Upon publishing the Conversation, participants will be able to access and join the Conversation and begin filling out the Onboarding Polls. We recommend publishing a Conversation at least 30 minutes before the start time. Participants are unable to join the Conversation or fill out Onboarding Polls before the Conversation has been published.

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