Invite/Manage Collaborators or Observers

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Invite Collaborators

Note: Any colleague that has been added to a Team where Conversations have been created will automatically have access to those Conversations.

A Collaborator is a user that is authorized to view, edit, moderate, and end a Remesh Conversation that belongs to a different Team or Workspace. This can be used for colleagues/clients that are not members of the Team where the Conversation was created.

  1. From the Live tab, click Share
  2. Click Invite or manage collaborators
  3. Enter the email addresses of the people you would like to invite as Collaborators
  4. Click Send Invite
  5. You can also remove Collaborators from the list below, when you click Remove

Invite Observers

An Observer is a user who only has access to view the live Remesh Conversation.

  1. From the Live tab, Click Share
  2. Click Get Shareable Link (view only)
  3. Click Turn On Link Sharing
  4. Enter the email domain of the Observer to permit (e.g.
  5. Copy the Observer link and share it with your Observer

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