Updates to the Participant Experience Going Live on April 12th

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To improve the conversion rates between participants who complete the onboarding questions and those who join the conversation, we're making a couple of updates to the participant experience. Below is an overview of the updates you'll have access to starting April 12th.

Onboarding questions will now be available to participants 7 minutes before the start of the conversation instead of 15. Participants who join earlier than 7 minutes will see the Get Started button grayed out with the message: "You can join the conversation 7 minutes before start time."

When it’s 7 minutes or less before the start of the conversation, participants will be able to complete the onboarding poll questions. 

Note: The moderator can choose to include an introductory message that participants will see before starting the onboarding poll questions—more details on this below.

Once participants complete the onboarding polls, they will enter the waiting room until the start time.

The Join Conversation button will turn blue when the timer runs out, indicating the start of the conversation, at which point participants can click to join. 

If the conversation has reached the participant capacity, new participants will continue to see the following message: 

Introductory Message from Moderator

The moderator can choose to include an introductory message. Participants will see the message before they start answering the onboarding poll questions.

The moderator can add the introductory message via the Basics Details section in Build.

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