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This article covers: 

  1. How to Log In
  2. Grant Access to the Dashboard 
  3. Overview of Account Management Dashboard

How to Access

Please note that before you can access the Account Management Dashboard a workspace admin will need to grant you permission.  

  • Log in to Remesh
  • Navigate to the left navigation menu and click on Workspace Settings
  • Under Workspace Settings, click on Account Management.
  • A new tab will open up prompting you to login. Please use the email address listed in your welcome email and password you created. 

Granting Access

Workspace admins can grant access via the Users tab under Workspace Settings. Please note that any user can have access to the Account Management dashboard. 

Immediately after the toggle is turned on, the Account Management menu option will be available under Workspace Settings. A welcome email is sent to the user, prompting them to log in and create a password. 

Please note that the Account Management dashboard uses the same email used to log in to the Remesh platform but a different password. 

Overview of Account Management Dashboard

Once in the dashboard, you’ll view your account information. 

If you have access to multiple accounts, you will see a picklist, and selecting one account will take you to the page seen above.

From this page, you will see charts for 

  • All Conversations - Conversations from any contract over the last 12 months.
  • Conversations with Sample - Conversations from any contract over the last 12 months that used Sample (Participants) acquired through Remesh. 
  • Conversations with Research Services - Conversations from any contract over the last 12 months that used Remesh Research services (Discussion Guide Creation, Post Session Reporting, etc).

By clicking on any Contract number you can view the details for that contract, including:

  • Contract Utilization - The amount of time elapsed on that particular contract.
  • Total Credit - The amount of credit purchased for that contract, credit used to date, and remaining balance.
  • All Conversations - Conversations from that contract over the last 12 months. 

You can also view all conversations related to a contract or export them to a .csv using the Export Conversations button.

By clicking on a Conversation Name, you can view the additional details about that conversation:

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