How to program your Discussion Guide

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You have two ways to program a Discussion Guide for your Conversation: the Discussion Guide Builder or the uploadable Discussion Guide Excel template.

Using a Discussion Guide allows you to select and send out your pre-programmed content to the group as you moderate.

Discussion Guide Builder

In the Discussion Guide, click + Add Items to add and edit content within the builder interface.

  • Onboarding Polls: Closed-ended polls that participants answer as they join the Conversation. Use these to gather demographic and behavioral information that you want to use for segmenting the Conversation data
  • Speak: Text and statements you want to send to participants
  • Ask/Poll: Questions you want your participants to answer
  • Image/Video: Stimulus in the form of images/videos you want your participants to see. Note the maximum size is 100MB

Uploadable Discussion Guide Excel template

You can also build your Discussion Guide outside of the Remesh platform. Simply download the template file and use it to create your Discussion Guide.

  1. Click Download Discussion Guide Template (.xls)
  2. Open the Excel file and add your content
  3. When you are done filling out the Excel template, click Import to populate the Discussion Guide builder with your Excel content

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