Audience Recruitment Best Practices

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If you are recruiting your own Participants, here are some best practices and general guidelines you can follow to get you headed in the right direction:

  • Be clear and direct in any communications to Participants, and communicate to them early and often!
  • Give yourself plenty of time to complete the recruiting process. We typically suggest 5 business days to fully recruit participants for a Remesh Conversation.
  • Provide some initial instructions to the participants so they can familiarize themselves with the platform. Also, be sure to properly set expectations about the Remesh Conversation the group will be participating in.
  • Use a screener (or another recruiting survey) to recruit participants to the session. If they qualify for the Remesh Conversation, be sure to explicitly ask them if they are willing to join and participate at the exact date and time required.
  • We recommend having a minimum of 30 participants in each Remesh Conversation to ensure the algorithms are fully optimized

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