Create a Conversation

Click the blue '+' button on your dashboard. Enter Conversation Name (Note: Conversation Name is for internal use and participants will not be able to see this. This section can be used for P.O. numb…

Meghan Moore
Updated 3 months ago by Meghan Moore

What is the difference between a Name and a Title?

Name. A Name refers to the Conversation name shown on the Conversation Card in your Remesh Dashboard. The Conversation name is for internal use so participants will not see this. Title. A Title refer…

Jeffrey Stulmaker
Updated 3 months ago by Jeffrey Stulmaker

Move a Conversation

Note: You can only move Conversations between Teams that you have access to. Click ··· (menu dots) on the Conversation card. Click Move. Select the destination Team that you would like to move the Co…

Jeffrey Stulmaker
Updated 3 months ago by Jeffrey Stulmaker

Duplicate a Conversation

On the conversation card, click ··· (menu dots). Click Duplicate. A duplicate of the Conversation will be created and placed at the top of the dashboard.

Jeffrey Stulmaker
Updated 3 weeks ago by Jeffrey Stulmaker

What order are conversations sorted in the dashboard?

Conversations are sorted in a reverse chronological order based on their Start Time. For example, if you have created two Conversations that start on January 22nd and January 23rd, the Conversation s…

Jeffrey Stulmaker
Updated 4 months ago by Jeffrey Stulmaker